Sunscreen, Betsey Johnson and a Village

Tomorrow is my birthday. I actually enjoy birthdays, and truthfully I don’t even mind getting older. Getting older just means getting better in my mind. I love that I have life experiences to share and hopefully some wisdom to go with it. Older is not the problem, aging is.
Aging, that is the thing am battling on a daily basis. Shortly after I turned 30 my skin started rebelling, dark patches appeared almost overnight, and if I even stepped into sunlight, watch out, they became even more pronounced. After a trip to the dermatologist, I learned I had malasma and because it is hormonal, there is little to be done other than bleaching creams and stay the F out of the sun! And so my love of sunscreen, especially zinc oxide and big hats began. I haven’t left the house sans sunscreen in almost 15 years, and I am easy to spot at the beach, just look for the girl whose hat is bigger than her beach chair! Truth be told this was all done in vain, but looking back on it, I am glad my vanity won out, my skin is healthy and well cared for.

big hats at the best.

Much like the overnight mess my skin became at 30, my body reacted in turn at 40. My metabolism clearly slowed down and my workouts were not as impactful as the once we’re at keeping the lbs in check. But something else started occurred as well, the creaking of joints, seriously??? In the fall of 2014 Betsey Johnson joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars, and at age 72, she was doing cartwheels and splits. She was full of energy and spunk and she inspired me to age just like her. I had just started taking Barre classes around the same time, and was starting to feel stronger, after seeing Betsey, I started attending class on a regular basis. My friends at Carolina Barre and Core are the best! I have a standing 5:30 am date with Lauren, Barb and Hailey, they inspire me, push me and encourage me. I may not be doing cartwheel splits, but I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been.

500, here I come.

So as I sit here on the eve of 45, I am reflective and grateful. Thanks to sunscreen my skin is in check, thanks to Betsey Johnson my body is strong. So all that leaves is my heart and mind. C. Smith has been the best in this area. He loves to read, travel, try new things, meet new people, and he has brought me, a scared of everything girl, along on this adventure with him and I am forever grateful.  He makes me a better, more well rounded person and that is pretty cool.
But as the saying goes, it takes a village, and I have an amazing village that fill my heart and mind. My parents, my siblings, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my friends. I am often in awe of these people. The way they give back to the community ( mom and dad), the way they help others (Aunt Sue, Cousin Sue), they way they educate (Deb, Doug, mom, Aunt Sue II), the way they help others heal (Jim, Rick, Sandi, Steph), they way they fight, the way they love, laugh and create.

A huge part of my village.

So yeah aging kind of stinks, but getting older is pretty amazing.


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