Music Appreciation 2017

I am not one for New Years Resolutions per se. I have in the past made goals – send more hand written letters in the mail, give out more compliments, that type of thing, but I wanted to try something different for 2017…Music.  So I pitched the idea to C. Smith – we immerse ourselves in one artist per week. Into their lyrics, their melodies, their riffs, their genius, and C. was on board.
We have a plan, now where to start? With arguably one of the best band of all time, The Beatles of course. Week 1, Day 1 and I just jump right in, greatest hits, here we go. That was a fine way to start, but I had heard most of those songs and the goal is to gain appreciation, so C. suggested we try some type of chronological order, and back to 1963 we went.  The first song, the first album, a blast from my past ” I Saw Her Standing There” (I’m looking at you Tiffany) not a bad start to this experiment.

A week later and I am gathering my thoughts on The Beatles.  I want to point out that this is not a review of The Beatles, I am not setting out to become a music critic, just to fulfill a goal of learning more about one artist per week.

That being said, my first observation of the Fab Four is the fact that they recorded 6 albums from 1963-1965, these boys were busy.  The second observation is they were girl crazy.  Almost every song in the early years was about a girl – loving a girl, breaking up with a girl, wanting a girl.  No wonder girls passed out at first sight, these guys were romantics.  “If I fell in love with you would your promise to be true…”, “These chains of love got a hold on me…”, “I want to be your lover baby…”.  Yep, dreamy.

Third observation was how the sound began to shift with the 1966 release of Revolver.  I will be honest I always picture The Beatles as the mop headed kids on Ed Sullivan, but that is not the case.  They matured and their sound became edgier and the lyrics much more serious.  Check out Eleanor Rigby or Helter Skelter and see what I am talking about.

Week one of the great music appreciation experiment is complete, and I am happy with the results, I gained a deeper appreciation of why their fan base is so strong.  Now the million dollar question, do I think The Beatles are the greatest rock band, that is hard to say.  There is a lot of music left to hear, check back with me in 52 weeks.


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