Four Irishmen Walk into a Bar

Sunday Funday. C. Smith and I were early adopters to this idea, mostly because when we dated long distance, Sundays sucked, really really sucked. It was the day of goodbyes, of feeling sad, of wishing Monday would hurry up and arrive to distract you. No one should ever want Mondays to arrive sooner, so we vowed that when we finally lived in close proximity, Sundays would be extra fun. So now here we are 12 years later and still trying to make every Sunday count, this past Sunday being no exception.

Wanting to do something a little different we decided to have lunch in Uptown Charlotte, and get out of the oppressive heat. Post lunch, we decided to stay Uptown for a bit and made our way to an great spot called The Dandelion Market. We had just settled into some comfy bar stool when it happened, 4 Irishmen walked into the bar…

To be clear, it was actually 3 Irishmen and 1 woman, but that would have ruined the title of this story. The newcomers found their way to the bar and sat down beside us and that was when the fun began. Turns out they were in band, the lovely young lady Sinead was the singer, along with Kevin the guitar player, Ray the drummer and the stage manager. They were getting ready for a gig at Tyber Creek, another local Irish pub.

This story could have very easily gone nowhere, we were about to tab out and head home, but Ray was quite persuasiveness in getting us to stay for another round. And by persuasive, I mean insisting on doing shots. Let me tell you, being slightly hazed by a semi-intoxicated Irishman will really make you man up and order another Pinot. At this point everyone is feeling quite jovial and insisting that we join them in heading to Tyber Creek to “see the band”. Um, what, I thought YOU were the band. Nope not the band, that was a fib, but no worries an Uber XL is pulling up as we speak so hop in…so we all pile into the big black SUV and are on our way.

Being kidnapped by this crew turned out to be great. First, Tyber Creek is 2 blocks from our place so now we did not have to take the light rail home. Secondly, these people we amazingly fun. Turns out Sinead is here visiting the US from Ireland, Kevin is her father and Ray, well Ray is just hysterical. We stayed for another pint, hearing of where Sinead was off to next on her vacation, listening to the lively music. We left there tapping our toes, grinning ear to ear and adding one more Sunday Funday to the books.


The real band


Sinead, Kevin, C. Smith, Ray


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