I Have Only Come Here Seeking Knowledge

When I first entered the thunderdome that was our Legend or Lame series on Sting I was a firm believer that this man, this Gordon, could in no way be considered a legendary figure. I mean the dude’s name is Gordon and he changed his name to a verb! Who does that? Well throughout the rounds of our arguments, I began to see the other side of this battle. The little Gordon that buzzed is in fact an accomplished songwriter, musician and frontman. He is an innovator of the music video form and a sexual icon. As a form of concession, or prize, to my fellow combatant C. Smith I devised a plan. It took some time to come to its fruition, but here it is for the world to witness. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy.

Author: Mitch

Scoundrel. Beer snob. Jack of all trades, master of noneā€¦

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