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I could probably live on snack food, it is a fact. I am the queen of chips and dip, French onion, ranch, queso, guac, you name it I will eat it. Since moving to Charlotte, NC, I have found a new love, pimento cheese. This stuff is seriously good. I tried it for the first time at a local restaurant at the urging of C. Smith, it was grated cheese mixed with what I guess were the pimentos, and I was sold.
Then for Christmas Jeff Harnden bought me a pimento cheese cookbook, and game on. So here is the story of my first time making pimento cheese…
First gather the ingredients.


So to my surprise, the secret ingredient is mayonnaise.  Now there is a fascinating debate regarding mayo here in the South, but in order to be as southern as possible I went with Dukes.  So the overall process is simple, grate cheese, add pimentos, and mix with enough mayo to gather a nice consistency.

pimento 3

So easy, yet so messy!


On this particular day, I was feeling adventurous, so I chose the recipe that included chopped pecans, a really nice touch in my opinion.  So here you have it folks, my first (and certainly not last) attempt at a Southern delicacy, pimento cheese.

pimento 1

Grab a chip or celery stalk and dig in.



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