Holiday Countdown #6

Alright, by the time this goes up it will be Christmas Eve. Two more days to unleash the fury of this countdown onto the world. It will get there. I promise. So quick side bar before we get to number 6. The past two days I have been watching IFC while at my parentals and I find it interesting that this basic cable channel (the parentals do not subscribe to anything fancy) shows all of the nudity and keeps all of the F-bombs in a movie. I was watching Lebowski yesterday and Boogie Nights today. This strikes me as odd. However, it is appreciated. So good for you IFC. I may watch your network more in the future. So your song:

Good old Dino. Keepin’ your holiday season swingin’. This is probably the one holiday tune I can easily listen to year round. Just a classic. There have been plenty of other good versions of this song, Willie Nelson and Norah Jones comes to mind, but the best is still Dino. You just have the feeling he was about 4 martinis deep when this one was recorded. Classic rat pack styling. One other quick thing to point out. Is it me or are the lyrics just slightly rapey? A couple of gems like, “Say what’s in this drink?” Or the classic, “I ought to say no, no, no / at least I’m gonna say that I tried.” Still you know the ladies in the 60’s couldn’t resist the charms of Dino. I’m sure they all wanted to curl up by the fire and have a few cocktails with this crooner. That is just how the Pack played it. Sammy, Dino and the Chairman…those dudes knew how to party.


Author: Jeff

There was some latin shit here once, but nobody uses that language now except the Pope…and I am no Pope. What I am is a student. Not a student in the literal sense, but someone who believes that you have to always be challenging yourself to learn. Not necessarily things we have learned from textbooks. My learning is more about putting myself in difficult situations to understand more about me and the world around me. It is the challenge that allows you to grow as a person. That is my philosophy. Some of the things that I will eventually get around to posting may focus on that, reflections on a life that has seen me through the rust belt to the new (and not so new) south and through a life abroad. However many of these posts will focus on the lighter things that interest me. My obsession with 80’s/90’s pop culture, my obsession with sports especially of the Cleveland and Ohio State variety, and maybe even my obsession with musical theater…who knows. Maybe somebody will read this, maybe they won’t…but that isn’t the point. The point is that if I find something interesting I will try to dissect it here, maybe not timely (I do have a day job) but eventually.

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