300 Words. 11 pm on a Friday Night.

Picture this, readers.

11 pm on a Friday night. A darkened room, just enough light shining through the curtains allowing for ease of movement, but not enough to say there was light. There’s a couch sitting on one wall, some round divans in front. Another chair on the right side, opposite the doorway. The television sits across from the couch.

It’s been a good night so far. Two people, a man and a woman sit on the couch; feeling quite good after the meal and wine. Time for the man to serve some post dinner drinks and fire up some music videos. The woman sits patiently.

Previously, maybe a year ago, the two would be content watching their collection of DVD’s stored in the drawer below the television. That has changed. IPad and YouTube opened up a new universe of music videos, classic concerts, TV bits, rare B sides and other rarities. As long as the spinning circle doesn’t appear, the man and woman can, without pause, can thread their way thru Jimmy Fallon skits, popular scenes from Beverly Hills 90210, the best of John Hughes, and anything and everything that seems imaginable, or at least should emerge out of their psyche on a Friday at 11 pm.

Tonight we’re sticking to our theme. Music Videos. And tonight’s guest, The Killers. It begins with the top 10 Killers’ Christmas Videos.

But that’s not what this is about. This is:


A hidden gem, a rare find? So, we’re about one year too late. No matter.

Spot on Killers. Flowers swooning about a girl, a walk down video lane, a little camp, a girl from Glee. Strong lyrics, The Killers still not sounding like anyone else. Did I mention the girl?

Powerful, perfect. Watched it twice.

C. Smith

Author: C. Smith

    “All you have to do is write one true sentence.” Ernest Hemingway I’m no Hemingway. But this web creation is a part of writing that one true sentence. Of being inspired by fellow contributors that have, if not something meaningful, but interesting to say and are willing to invest energy beyond 140 characters. Of creating an open forum for these ideas, capturing a thought or a moment in time. But more importantly, this is about a personal commitment to putting a thought to paper and throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks. Enjoy.

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