Holiday Countdown #12

So it’s come to this. We are so afraid of cyber hackers that a stupid movie by the kings of stupid movies (that make me laugh) has been cancelled. Seriously. This happened. So let me be the 715,346th person to say, Sony Pictures you are pussies. Pussies. I get it, the fear mongers roused up the populous to the point that we are afraid that parents are going to avoid taking families to see other piles of shit that come out on Xmas day. I’m sure the studios will still use this as an excuse when the new Annie tanks anyway. News flash dummies, that movie is going to take because it looks like a regurgitated pile of shit. At least we still have the memories of Bound 3. Stay classy Seth and James. Now on to the song.

Do you really think I could do a Xmas countdown without including The Boss on some level? Nope. A little live version from CoCo’s show with Conan on the gui-tar! I love how Bruce gets soulful on this one. He is letting you know how much his lady treats him right. I’m sure Bruce can give his ole lady the same treatment around the holiday season…gettin’ all kinky under that mistletoe. Yeah Bruce. Wait why is Big Man just handling the bells on this? Is the Max Weinberg 7 taking care of the horns? OH HELL NO…right at the 2:06 time stamp Big Man makes his mark! Is there a more dominant performer in a supporting band than Clarence Clemons in the E. Street Band? Likely no. You know none of Gladdy’s Pips have anything on C.C. and don’t get me started on the so called ‘Silver Bullet Band.’ Bunch of posers…but what do you expect when you have a tool like Bob Seger leading the cause. I guess you expect a sax player named Alto Reed. Go back to Kathmandu punks. Even Detroit doesn’t want you!

Back to the song, you have Bruce doing some crowd work while Big Man drops those silky smooth sax sounds. Then we bring it back to the full horn section powered by the Max Weinberg 7! Wait…right at the 2:30 mark…that chick to the left of The Boss is KILLING IT! Front row, hands in the air, looking foxy as hell. I’m pretty sure if Bruce’s lady wasn’t in the band this chick would have made it into the green room to meet the real boss. Speaking of that, if Bruce’s nickname is the boss, what does he call is tally-whacker? I’m going with the Chairman of the Board. Another shot right at 2:48 of the foxy lady…showing some nice cleavage. She is totally rocking it 1993 sheik. You go blondie. Crowd work. Bruce is the king of crowd work. Oh look Santa’s here with blow up dolls and Foreman grills! How did he know that I all I really wanted for Xmas was to live out my dream of sad solidarity, drilling a plastic doll while knocking out the fat? That Santa guy must really see me while I’m sleeping…


Author: Jeff

There was some latin shit here once, but nobody uses that language now except the Pope…and I am no Pope. What I am is a student. Not a student in the literal sense, but someone who believes that you have to always be challenging yourself to learn. Not necessarily things we have learned from textbooks. My learning is more about putting myself in difficult situations to understand more about me and the world around me. It is the challenge that allows you to grow as a person. That is my philosophy. Some of the things that I will eventually get around to posting may focus on that, reflections on a life that has seen me through the rust belt to the new (and not so new) south and through a life abroad. However many of these posts will focus on the lighter things that interest me. My obsession with 80’s/90’s pop culture, my obsession with sports especially of the Cleveland and Ohio State variety, and maybe even my obsession with musical theater…who knows. Maybe somebody will read this, maybe they won’t…but that isn’t the point. The point is that if I find something interesting I will try to dissect it here, maybe not timely (I do have a day job) but eventually.

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