Holiday Countdown #16

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I love rap music. Not so much the new school stuff (looking at you Drake, you clownshoes m’fer) but anyone who came out in the mid-90’s or earlier…that’s my jam. There is so much to love about hip hop in this period. The scratch techniques, the innovation, the beats, life in the ghetto and some silly ass lyrics. Plus you occasionally get the MC who is so confident with their place in the world that they don’t give a shit if they do some goofy stuff and it goes out on the interwebs. That brings us to numero 16 in the only holiday countdown that matters….DMX!

That’s right, the man who once dropped the line “I got blood on my hands and there’s no remorse / I got blood on my dick cuz I fucked the corpse” did a little freestyle Rudolph the gotdamn Red Nosed Reindeer a few years back…and it is glorious. I love the fact that when the girl from the radio station says she printed out the lyrics Dark Man X lets her know emphatically that he knows the lyrics. We get through those other silly reindeer names and COME ON! Straight into the desk top beats, DMX throws it down! Dropping in the COME ON, COME ON after each break is just fantastic. We hit that foggy Xmas eve and get a bit of a bridge on the beat until the beat straight up drops when Santa gives the invite to ride his sleigh tonight. Also, how about the SWAG that DMX exhibits in this entire video. The bouncing chain. The back and forth sway when pounding out the beat. Dirty Ghetto Kids ALL DAY! SWAGGER LEVEL MAXIMUM. Then DMX brings it to the end letting use know that Rudolph will go down in history (forever). WHAT! Seriously, this is the best version of this song ever. You also get a bit of the sound at the end of X confirming that he got all the reindeer names correct. You did Dark Man X, you did. My only request is that you keep doing awesome stuff like this for the masses. Thank you DMX, you truly make the holiday season brighter.


Author: Jeff

There was some latin shit here once, but nobody uses that language now except the Pope…and I am no Pope. What I am is a student. Not a student in the literal sense, but someone who believes that you have to always be challenging yourself to learn. Not necessarily things we have learned from textbooks. My learning is more about putting myself in difficult situations to understand more about me and the world around me. It is the challenge that allows you to grow as a person. That is my philosophy. Some of the things that I will eventually get around to posting may focus on that, reflections on a life that has seen me through the rust belt to the new (and not so new) south and through a life abroad. However many of these posts will focus on the lighter things that interest me. My obsession with 80’s/90’s pop culture, my obsession with sports especially of the Cleveland and Ohio State variety, and maybe even my obsession with musical theater…who knows. Maybe somebody will read this, maybe they won’t…but that isn’t the point. The point is that if I find something interesting I will try to dissect it here, maybe not timely (I do have a day job) but eventually.

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